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May 30, 2024

How to spot a fraudulent rate confirmation sheet

*See the altered Rate Confirmation sheet below

In today's digital age, fraudsters have found new ways to impersonate identities using advanced technology like AI and PhotoShop. However, their deception is often revealed through inconsistencies in contact information such as phone numbers and emails on fraudulent documents. To illustrate this point, we have compared a fake rate sheet sent to us posing as Bally Logistics with the authentic rate sheet from Bally.

The rate confirmation sheet on the LEFT is the fraudulent rate confirmation.  We have highlighted specific areas where it differs from the REAL rate confirmation sheet on the RIGHT.   

  • The fraudsters removed the FAX and EMAIL address at the top of the rate sheet by the address and replaced the phone number.
  • They removed carrier information
  • They modified the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. 
  • They changed the email address. ALWAYS double-check when you see a,, or email address. The majority of your customers will use their company name. For example: Bally's email address is

This is a good reminder to always double-check the email addresses and phone numbers on your rate confirmation sheet even if you have hauled for the broker multiple times before. You never know when the broker might become a victim of identity theft resulting in you losing your money.

If you are hauling a load for someone you have never worked with before, do a credit check. Confirm the contact information in your client portal or on the website. 

Bally Logistisc Fraud Rate Con

Bally Logistisc Fraud Rate Con2


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