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    Great Plains Transportation Services, Inc. is not just another factoring Company!

    Our TOP-NOTCH service to trucking companies has set us apart for over 20 years:

    Great Plains Invoice Factoring

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    Our Authority Department Makes It Easy!

    The Great Plains Authority Department makes it easy to keep up with all the paperwork required to keep trucks on the roads.

    We provide honest, personal service in:

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    FTS Discount Fuel Card by EFS

    Great Plains Transportation Services, Inc. is a reseller of the FTS Discount Fuel Card presented by EFS.

    We offer our invoice factoring and authority clients EFS FTS Discount Fuel Cards which are accepted at over 5,000 major and independent truck stops nationwide!

    • Save Money at the Pump
    • Discounted Fees
    • FTS Plus+
    • Unsurpassed Customer Service
    • Owner Operator Settlements
    • Fuel Management

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