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December 29, 2022

Fraud Prevention Tips

Get your entire organization involved in preventing fraud that could be committed against your company.

Here are some suggestions that might help you.

CREDIT CHECKS – Please keep in mind that when you are reaching out to us for a credit check, we are pulling information by the information you are giving us, name, city, state or MC number.   We do not see the actual paperwork until you submit it to us, that is why we ask you questions. We want to see you be paid for the work that you do!

  1. Is the load paying more than other brokers are paying for the same type of load?
  2. Is the broker telling you to check in under a name other than your company name or their name? Look at the rate con for this also.
  3. Do you see RIGZ listed on the rate con anywhere? Sometimes it is telling you to submit paperwork to RIGZ. We will not fund on loads when we see this.
  4. If you are dealing with someone you are not familiar with or a broker you are not familiar with, try reverse-searching their phone numbers to see if it comes up to a person or company you believe you are communicating with. Reverse search their address. When reverse searching an address, you want to see what is at that address. Is it a strip mall, US Post Office, UPS Store, virtual office? If so, REDFLAG!
  5. When in doubt go to the FMCSA website to find a phone number for the broker and try calling that to verify load or email/call us to get a phone number we know belongs to them so you can verify.
  1. Is there any other broker/carrier names listed on the Bill of Lading? If there is, NOW is the time to figure this out.
  2. IF there is another name on the BOL, the driver should ask the shipper who they show is hauling the load or who they use to book their loads.
  3. IF it is a name other than who you booked the load with, chances are the load has been double brokered and NOW is the time to get this figured out. IF the shipper uses a brokerage other than the one you booked with, you need to be getting in touch with that broker to see if they will set you up as the carrier on the load so you will be paid and not a scammer!
  4. When your driver signs the Bill of Lading at the pickup point, it is so incredibly important for the driver to write YOUR company name below his signature.

 CARRIERS ARE ALSO GETTING THEIR IDENTITIES STOLEN so that scammers can use your authority to get loads from brokers and then double broker them out. AGAIN, do your research before you deal with someone you don’t know or send your information out to someone you don’t know.

 We know things are tough out there, that is why we hope that you will get your entire team on board with these suggestions to help protect your company from fraudulent loads.

We want to see you succeed!

 Go out on the internet and look up Freight Broker Fraud. There are so many articles out there. A lot of them have good tips on ways to avoid fraud.

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