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October 28, 2022

Are your invoices getting purchased?

How to ensure that all your invoices get purchased each day

There are two ways to make sure we are able to purchase all of your invoices on the day you send them in to be purchased.

1. It is essential to check and keep up with email requests from your account executive.

  • Email is the quickest form of communication, and your account executive will use email to give you the first 'heads up' when something is needed or missing from your invoice.
  • Please respond to your account executive with missing paperwork or to help answer any questions they may have of you.
  • We are responsible for checking our email here at the office, and you are responsible for keeping up with your email to help business flow smoothly.

2. Another great way to know the status of the invoices you've sent in, is to utilize our website

  • Once you've logged in, check the Purchasing Status spot on the left side of the screen
  • On the left, under Processing Status, it will tell you if it's being held, or where it is in the buying process. If you click view under the details, it will show you any notes we have made
    Buying status of invoice


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