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Fuel Tax Services Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really that simple to have Great Plains report my fuel tax? Yes!

Great Plains does require prepayment for fuel tax reporting services and any fuel tax owed. Prepayment for the first two quarters of service will be based on actual trip and fuel purchase data. After reporting two quarters on your behalf, we will estimate your quarterly fuel tax prepayment to expedite processing. Any overages in payments will be credited to your Great Plains account and retained for future services. Prepayment is required for any remaining balances due Great Plains. Note: Current fuel tax rates are available at Tax Rates may not be finalized until the last month of the quarter.
If you are selected by your base state for an audit, we will provide the required documents to the state auditor on your behalf. For this reason, we request original trip sheets and fuel receipts as that is what is required by all states during an audit. Great Plains will answer any questions the state auditor or you may have.
It is imperative to check with your base state for IFTA requirements as each state may be different.
  • 1st quarter = April 30th
  • 2nd quarter = July 31st
  • 3rd quarter = October 31st
  • 4th quarter - January 31st
Great Plains does require prepayment before filing your fuel tax returns each quarter.
The trip sheet Great Plains provides is only a suggestion. By using our trip sheet, IFTA requirements are met when completed correctly. Click here to use our trip sheet.
We request original trip sheets and original fuel receipts be provided to Great Plains for the previous month by the 10th of the following month. Because we report fuel tax for a large number of carriers we ask that trip sheets and fuel receipts be provided monthly to ensure questions are asked and answered in a timely manner.
It is always best to have a backup plan should something unexpected happen to the original trip sheets and fuel receipts. This is especially important when mailing trip sheets and fuel receipt to Great Plains.
Some states (KY, NM, NY and OR) have mileage tax that is in addition to IFTA tax. You have the option to purchase trip permits prior to entry or establish permanent accounts and report mileage tax by filing a quarterly tax return. If you have established mileage accounts, Great Plains will prepare and file your mileage tax returns.

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