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What Does Non-Recourse Factoring Mean to You?

Non-recourse factoring means no reserve!  For a low fixed fee, Great Plains will assume the credit responsibility.  What’s the catch?  All we ask of our non-recourse factoring clients is to pre-approve your customer’s credit with Great Plains BEFORE sending us the invoice for purchase.  Non-recourse factoring is ideal for those trucking companies operating under 5 trucks.

How Does It Work:

  • Apply online – NO SIGN UP FEES!
  • Quick enrollment process
  • Pre-approve your customer’s credit with Great Plains
  • You get cash in hand within 24 hours*
  • NO reserve account
  • EFS FTS Discount Fuel Card AVAILABLE
*Invoices must meet Great Plains invoice requirements

Take the fear out of doing business with dependable cash flow from Great Plains!

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